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Useful Tools: Civ4Fans, Teamspeak and Hamachi

October 31, 2009 Leave a comment


When moving around the civ multiplayer community one soon stumbles upon certain handy tools used by people on different occasions. Some are useful any time playing civ, others only serve a purpose in specific situations. Three of those programs that come in handy for every league player at one time or another are supposed to find a closer description here. Most of their functions are self-explanatory, it´s more a questions of knowing about their existence.

Teamspeak (TS)
Download Link: Download Teamspeak here.

Teamspeak is a voice-over-ip communication program, which allows you to talk and listen to multiple people at once. Many clans have their resident teamspeak server, using it for normal league play in order to share some strategical thoughts or just have some fun together. Often many people playing in a random shuffle teamer gather on one of those servers. TS shines most during clan games, where it allows for precise coordination and extensive in advance planning – it is a precondition of reaching a higher skill level as a team to use a voice communication program, most civ players choose teamspeak here.

TS Server from various mp civ clans:
French + SD2R + XXX + PPP: / pw: coa

Civ4Fans (C4F)
Download Link: Download Civ4Fans here.

Civ4Fans allows you to access the civ lobby, also when not having civ itself started or while being in a game. To do so click on “chat/lobby – bts”. It´s often used for finding a substitute in league games in case one is needed. To do so leaving the game is not necessary, tasking to the already running c4f or just the desktop to launch c4f is enough and allows for a more comfortable and faster way of getting the game to continue within the league rules.

Another aspect of civ4fans is the possibility of chatting with other people, leaving them messages and generally providing a comfortable platform to interact with other members of the community or organize games.

Finally C4F provides a couple of useful options. For one it´s possible to set civ to automatically disable caching. A not emptied cache can be responsible for blocks between players during the joining of a game. To enable this option, click on “options – civ 4 bts configuration” and set “Disable Caching” to “1”.

Download Link: Download Hamachi here.

Hamachi is a software which simulates a local area network (lan) over the internet. This comes in handy in cases of severe connection problems between specific players or whenever Gamespy is having a bad day.

The buttons have no names – in order to join a network click on the middle one from the bottom three, the triangle one. Click on “join network” and enter the data you´ve been provided with. After having done that, you see the hamachi network IP´s – right click on the name of the host of the game you want to join and choose the option “copy address”. Within civ go to multiplayer-direct ip and paste it (ctrl +v) where demanded. If necessary enter the password.

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