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Introduction into Medieval Start

March 4, 2010 Leave a comment


Initial Setup

Compared to Ancient or Classical start games, the initial setup on Medieval is different in only a few, but significant ways.

First of all it`s the first era where you start with more than one settler. Second your cities get a granary for free from the start. Third you already have Mathematics. Finally Civil Service for Bureaucracy is close and quickly reachable – bulbing it with a Merchant around turn 10 is currently the norm in average 3v3 Medieval games.

On the negative side settler costs increase by almost 50% to 96 hammers on quick speed.

How to build up

General thoughts

What your first build up goals are depends on the strategy you and your team are playing. The main question being whether and to how many cities you want to expand before starting production of units-only. Of course this assumes as usual the desired situation for a first build-up phase of first going almost exclusively worker/settler and only after reaching the desired amount of cities switching from expansion to unit production.

In the passive setup of 3v3 Medieval teamer on Inland_Sea it´s likely that you will be able to reach and get going four, five and sometimes even more cities against almost any strategy, the question is how many units you’ll have in relation to your opponent once he attacks. Having twice as a big an empire doesn’t help you, if the enemy can just eliminate you from the game because he started building units much earlier then you did. Anticipating the time your opponent is preparing to attack at (if he is planning to do so), you need to adjust the number of cities you yourself plant. If your team is trying to attack first, then you still need to plant only as many cities as you need in order to contribute the maximum amount of units at the time of the attack.

In a medieval game you will on average aim at three or four as a first step – depending on whether you have to get Great People for your team, whether you are Imperialistic or not, whether you´re at the front, whether you´re under pressure by some early units and in general on the amount of forest chops you have for an additional production boost. If the game lasts to its turn limit, you will want to have planted the “entire” map together with your team mates – but that´s expansion phase 2 or even 3.

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