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Introduction into Industrial Era

February 2, 2010 7 comments


Industrial is the first real late era. You start with three settlers and two workers,  cities are planted with three population and several buildings in them and new settlers are horribly expensive (203 :4prod: compared to 65 :4prod: with ancient start). And most of all each single turn is very important and can make a huge difference.

This guide is focussing on unit based strategies with massive cavalry, Slavery and later on workshops. This is the most commonly played way at the moment. There are limited possibilities of playing with a Financial player and cottages, or complicated bulbing paths to get techs and also options of going for workshops directly. However those are very difficult to play, so I don’t recommend them to teams new on indu. And if you are playing with more experienced players, they probably won’t give a new player those difficult spots. In general they are definitely to be categorized as advanced gameplay, so they only find mentioning in some general explanations, but I won’t explain how to handle them in detail.

The usual format

Industrial is usually played as 3v3 Teamer on Flat Green_RingV3. Key aspects of the map are, that there are only two land connections on the one hand, but an inner and outer sea usable for boating attacks on the other hand.

The start

Also note the three initial Riflemen, that will come to some importance later. Read more…