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Civics in Focus Part V: Religion

March 17, 2010 2 comments

Organized Religion

Required Tech: Monotheism
Effect: Can build Missionaries without Monastery, +25% :4prod:for Buildings in Cities with State Religion
Use: Spreading Religions in any game type, speeding up production of buildings in Ironman/ffa and classi/medi teamers.

Organized Religion has three kind of uses. The first is in Ironman/ffa where its what you usually run longterm, when you were able to found a Religion. Missionaries can then be used to get the culture expansion to fatcross in newly founded cities, having a State Religion will give you one more :) everywhere and the production bonus is very useful, since you will build a lot of economy buildings. If you play a cottage economy, Organized Religion is what you usually run all the time, except for GP phases or war.

In classi and medi teamers Organized Religion in basically the only Religion Civic available all game being adopted with slavery and monarchy right at the start. (Theocracy possible in late medi, but often without effect). In those games you dont need a lot of building but only some, so it might be useful to adopt your religion or it might not be, depending on if you need the missionaries anyway for culture expansion or not (creative trait/good resource distribution).

In later era start game (reni upwards), you will likely pick Spiritual trait. In this case you can adopt Organized Religion for a few turns in the beginning to spread your religion before going Theocracy, which you will be running longterm for stronger units. If you are not Spiritual, its more efficient to build a Monastery in one city and adopt Theocracy right from the start. However note, that you can’t build Monasteries in Modern/Future start games making Organized Religion the only way of spreading your Religion, which is one of the main reasons Spiritual becomes mandatory here.

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Civics in Focus Part IV: Economy

February 26, 2010 Leave a comment


Required Tech: Banking
Effect: +1 Free Specialist per City, No Foreign Trade Routes, Foreign Corporations have no effect
Use: Getting free additional GP points in Ironman/ffa and Renaissance to Future start games. Increasing research in combination with Representation. Speeding up start with additional Hammers from free engineers in Renaissance to Modern start games.

Mercantilism provides you with a free Specialist in all your cities while having the (for ffa diplo games severe) backlash of disabling Foreign Trade Routes. If you play an ffa diplo game and have open borders with several players, Mercantilism is no option, because the Commerce you loose due to that, cannot be compensated by the Specialists. This is especially the case, when you play on a map with continents, where you have intercontinental Trade Routes, that provide a heavy additional boost.
Also Free Market gets available at about the same time on the Economy branch, providing you with another of those oversea trade routes instead of loosing them all.
In always war type games you don’t have foreign trade routes anyway, so this is no problem, which makes Mercantilism an interesting option. While you only have Free Market as different option, Mercantilism will always provide a better bonus.

If you play later Era start games where Mercantilism is available from the beginning, it allows you to work an Engineer in each city from the very beginning, giving you two additional hammers (you have a Forge in your cities when planting from Renaissance upwards), which is a pretty nice boost for your buildup.

If you run Mercantilism together with Representation (the case with specialist economies in ffa/Ironman and Industrial Teamers) and work Merchants/Scientists each specialist provides money/science equal to 6 Commerce. This is quite considerable and e.g. the way to get to Communism in Industrial Teamers.

Finally the simplest use of Mercantilism is getting additional GP points from specialists if you want to push out GP. This is valid in any type of game.

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Civics in Focus Part III: Labor

January 27, 2010 Leave a comment


Required Tech: Bronze Working
Effect: Can sacrifice population to finish production in a city
Use: Main means of production till Modern age

Slavery is the most efficient way to produce till you either have a fully developed cottage economy running Universal Suffrage or workshops with State Property and Caste System. That is because with granaries growing your city and slaving that pop gives more hammers, then working mines with that pop during the same time.
Till then running Slavery on the Labor civic branch is the standard, everything else the exception that needs a good reason.
Efficient usage of Slavery is one of the major aspects of micromanagement in civ multiplayer. Due to its complexity I can not fully elaborate on it here, but I will try to name a few basics.
Direct slaving (without producing beforehand) is inefficient (50% higher cost).
You have to prevent unhappiness from stacking up too much, so try to slave as much pop as possible when slaving.
Try to generate overflow by slaving shortly before you would have to sacrifice one pop less  in order to do so and finish another project with that overflow. A city that is designed for slaving units should grow each turn. Small cities grow faster, bigger cities can work cottages/extra hammers. Which size you need depends on the food available. Read more…

Civics in Focus Part II: Legal

January 19, 2010 Leave a comment


Required Tech: Feudalism
Effect: New units receive +2 Experience Points
Use: For 2 promos (3 with agg) on not-mounted units in Ancient and Classical Teamers. For tripple promoted mounted units in Medieval, Renaissance and Industrial Era Teamers. For tripple promoted German Tanks in Modern Era Teamers. For additional Promo in Ironman/ffa.

As you can see Vassalage can be used in almost every setup. However it is only used by the whole team in Ancient and Classical, because later on you have to choose between Bureaucracy and Vassalage on the Legal branch, while you have Theocracy available. So for getting 5EP on your units, you will rather use Theocracy. In Ironman/ffa this is different, because you do not necessarily have a religion to use Theocracy. In this case you will need to use Vassalage for the additional promotion.
In Medieval Teamers you could theoretically use Vassalage for another promo on melee units, but for economy and tech path reasons this isn´t used in any of the currently common strategies.
In the midgame eras you can build tripple promoted mounted units, if you either are Charismatic or Mongols and use both Vassalage and Theocracy. Since in those eras there is a focus on mounted units (Knights, Curassiers, Cavalry) and the third promotion provides you with formation (+25% against mounted units) this gives your units a significant advantage. The same can be done for all units with Pentagon and Chm as soon as it becomes available. Read more…

Civics in Focus I: Government

January 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Hereditary Rule

Required Tech: Monarchy
Effect: +1 per military unit stationed in a city
Use: For happiness till other civics are available in all game formats.

Hereditary Rule is the only civic you have available for a long time (till you get constitution) and is usually only used in that time-frame. The other government civics that get available later on, are a lot stronger, so you switch to them.
How to use Hereditary Rule is pretty obvious. Put as many units in your cities as you need. If you have to build military anyway, use that, otherwise get warriors. You can even deliberately not connect a city to resources, so you can build warriors in that city, while you have better units available in other cities. This way Hereditary Rule basically provides you with unlimited happiness at the cost of having to produce the units and having to pay maintenance for them. Read more…