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The CTON #1: Getting started

March 28, 2010 2 comments

The C4P league has by now four key game types that people play pretty much every day: Duels, Teamers, OCC, Ironman and CTONs. I will start a series about CTON games since this type is the one most people start with and one with fairly high variables and many strategies. This first post of the CTON series will be an introduction to the game type, rules, strategies and common ideas.

CTON can be compared to what people call FFA (free for all) on the lobby, although it has some important rules that make it a lot different from what you might know. The game type, and that part might be a fairytale, was originally invented by a Canadian player called CTON. She made up the rules a long, long time ago and people still seem to like them. A new “translation” of the term CTON caught my attention: Can’t Trade Or Negotiate. It sums up what the game is all about: Always war with your opponents, no private talk, no tech trade. You’re basically on your own and have to expect armies coming in from each side. The game is usually played on inland sea, which means that each player has one opponent on each side. CTONs can involve 5-6 (usually) up to 10 players on varying map sizes and sea levels.

What are the common rules? How do I start?

The settings that are most common and also played in the Civilization World Clan Championship Cup (CCC) are the following:

Players: 5-8+
Turn Limit: 120 (usually on the lobby) up to 140 (CCC Final Round)
Map: Inland Sea, small with 6 or less, standard with 7 or more.
Sea Level: Medium.
Era: Ancient
Civ Choice: Random, unrestricted leaders on, anonymous
City Elimination: 2
Balanced Resources
Spies allowed
Always War

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PPP vs. RUS: CCC Playoff Match

February 3, 2010 2 comments

Wednesday, January 20th 2010 clans [PPP] and [RUS ] played a tie-break game to decide the winner of CCC 72. The throne had been open due to a controversial outcome of the OCC Event of the tournament. The game was played on Team Battleground, large size, low sea level, 5v5, ancient start, 110 turns, 2 city elimination, start separated.

The Setup

We snake picked civilizations and leaders. For those of you who are not familiar with the map, let me say that usually you get 2v2 on one side of the map (top or bottom) and 3v3 on the other. Here, we were 2v2 on the north side of the map and 3v3 in the south (see picture from early stages of the game). About snake pick, first team picks one civilization, second team picks another civilization and so on. The leaders are picked in the reverse order of the picking of the civilizations. Also, another rule is that both teams must pick at least one civ with hunting starting tech so that both teams start with a scout and not with a warrior.

So, after picking civs and leaders and launching the game, the setup was the following (I hope you will recognize each civilization after it’s in-game colour): Read more…

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CCC Weekend

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment

It´s CCC weekend, so no post at least till Monday – unless something comes up and I have some time after all 😛 Though then for sure some freshly inspired multiplayer strategy or similar after the weekend 😉

Clans battling for the crown in 9 teamer and 4 single events – check out CCC Coverage over the weekend while the action happens here.

The settings for the 13 events of this CCC can be found here.

CCC70 Live Standings updated live throughout the CCC

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