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Good UB – Bad UB #10: Unique Buildings – Sea Special

February 11, 2010 5 comments

There are no just good or just bad unique buildings

Even though the title suggests different, there are basically no just good or just bad unique buildings (and units). Every UB and UU has to be evaluated in the context of the game settings and overall strategy it´s supposed to be used in. A (fictional) unique unit archer that gets +100% against melee units is useless in a game played on Islands, where you have no (military) contact with your opponents until Astronomy is researched and archers are long obsolete. A unique building is good if it significantly supports a (playable) strategy.

This edition is all about sea related buildings. Those suck, if there is no or few sea, obviously – so there is no point in judging them for land based setups. Instead I´ll try to come up with scenarios where they could be of use.


Unique building for Carthage; Replaces Harbor
Can only be built in a coastal city; requires Optics
+1 trade route; +50% commerce from trade routes
+1 health from Fish, Crab, Clams

The Cothon is a harbour that additionaly provides the city that built it with one more trade route. It does half of what the Great Lighthouse does,  if you get it into every coast city of your empire. In any game where you cannot profit massively from additional trade routes picking for the Cothon is not an option. In order to profit from Trade Routes you need most of your cities being planted next to sea, you need quite a few cities overall and you require the possibility to trade with other civs. Consequently in any game played on “always war” hence no diplomacy (and with it no open borders for trade routes) you won´t profit from picking Cathage (unless it´s a teamer Ironman).

The main way of trying to use and abuse the Cothon is a game on Archipelago or a similar map in a Single Player or ffa game where any city is a coast city and getting the more profitable intercontinental trade routes comes automatically. Build the Great Lighthouse and the Cothon, negotiate open borders with any opponent you scouted quickly with Caravels and watch the output from Trade Routes play a more significant role in your overall GNP than ever before. Read more…


The Art of Boating

January 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Boating is the act of loading units into a unit carrying boat (Galley, Galleon, Transport) in order to send them to the opponent. While this may sound mundane, it actually involves many different aspects which combined together significantly influence the game of the player attempting to attack via sea.

Aspects of Boating

Boat Types and Technology Requirements

There are three kinds of boats (and the Portuguese Carrack) that can carry military units.

technology: Sailing
cargo space: 2
main eras: Ancient, Classical, Medieval

The Galley has two moves and cannot enter ocean unless that is within the player´s (or his team´s) cultural borders. Only in Ancient start games it is not available from the start, but can be researched easily. The humble number of moves and the restriction to coast and ocean tiles within cultural borders rarely allows for surprise attacks, at least rarely such moves which couldn´t at least have been foreseen by the defender. At this point I recommend the article on Vision Range which covers sea unit and general sea vision ranges. Read more…