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Fastmoves: Present and Future Plans

May 10, 2010 15 comments

Hi guys,

this is a post regarding the current situation of fastmoves. During the last weeks we didn´t post any new content. That is due to different circumstances. First there is real life with all its non-civ related shenanigans consuming our precious time. Then there is the reality of Civ5 having been announced next to Civ4 having reached the point where there is pretty much nothing new to be discovered and no challenging scenario left to be tackled.  With the exception of a fun competitive match here or there it´s pretty much Civ5 from now on. Last but definitely not least we are currently working on some big, big plans regarding fastmoves and its future concept. If nothing else news regarding this project will soon be released here. All in all the work has progressed very fast and we are closing in on completing the job…

Regarding further plans we are planning on visiting the Gamescom, the largest Games Exhibition in the World in August later this year, obviously planning on Coverage of Civ5 short before its alleged release date in September this year. Press Accredations for the event have already arrived and high-end video equipment has been secured 🙂

For now we´ve updated the library of all articles and posts released on fastmoves – see the post below this one.

Best Wishes and see you soon in a different civ world 😀

Your fastmoves staff

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Happy New Year !!

December 31, 2009 1 comment

Celebrate the last couple of hours of this decade and the first night of the next one

All the best to everyone for 2010 – crazy shit, I remember when I was writing “1994” as a date in school next to essays 😀

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