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Challenge #3 Smart Ragnar – Solution

After a long time and tons of problems with video programms and upload rates we finally managed to put together the solution for our last challenge (click me if you don’t have photografic memory).

The challenge simulates the standard 3-city-buildup as Ragnar of France in a Renaissance Teamer. Goal was to build as many French Muskets as possible within 30 turns while still being able to work 60 beakers in the end.

This time the video is with audio commentary by myself, though unfortunately I am pretty unfriendly, because we had to cut away my introduction. So imagine 11 second being warmly welcomed by a smiling Shizanu.  Same is true for the goodbye at the end ;). The solution itself was developed together by Jobe and me.

Have fun

P.S. We have a new software now – from next time on the video quality is going to increase significantly.

  1. GrafvMonteDisco
    April 25, 2010 at 09:48

    Very good word and interesting to see how to maximize production like that.
    Do you have an idea how that whipping-overflow-chop-cycle would look like on normal game speed? Are planning to post a solution to the montezuma challenge soon, too? Since you don’t have monarchy it’s going to be very interesting what you can pull off in that scenario.
    Once again I appreciate the work you are doing. It’s a great site you got there even if I never played a multiplayer game ever 🙂

    • shizanu
      April 25, 2010 at 11:28

      Important for the cycle in whatever era, speed and whatever units you are slaving, is, that you make sure you can slave as many population at once as possible, with generating maximum overflow doing so. For this you have to calculate how much production one slaved population will provide, (30 hammers (+7,5 from forge possibly) on normal) and make sure your building project still needs this amount +1. So when slaving with forges, you need to have 39 Hammers left in your project to slave 2 pop on normal, generating maximum overflow. Now take the total hammers needed for what you want to slave and you can calculate how much you may put into it.

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