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Challenge #3 Smart Ragnar – Solution

April 20, 2010 2 comments

After a long time and tons of problems with video programms and upload rates we finally managed to put together the solution for our last challenge (click me if you don’t have photografic memory).

The challenge simulates the standard 3-city-buildup as Ragnar of France in a Renaissance Teamer. Goal was to build as many French Muskets as possible within 30 turns while still being able to work 60 beakers in the end.

This time the video is with audio commentary by myself, though unfortunately I am pretty unfriendly, because we had to cut away my introduction. So imagine 11 second being warmly welcomed by a smiling Shizanu.  Same is true for the goodbye at the end ;). The solution itself was developed together by Jobe and me.

Have fun

P.S. We have a new software now – from next time on the video quality is going to increase significantly.


Quiz #3: Solution

April 7, 2010 9 comments

Here the solution to Quiz #3. In the end a couple of you guys even handled me changing the rules more than once :P.

Sorry for that, but since one cannot win anything here I found it more important to have the “interesting” way forced through this time even if that meant changing a thing or two I forgot in the beginning. This one was pretty complicated in terms of all the stuff one had to take into consideration and I simply didn´t get all the aspects in my mind when I designed the question. I´ll try to be more careful in the future regarding that, but then again those questions are designed to have everyone dwell into civand I hope that worked out … 🙂


  • Expansive leader of Japan
  • City planted on plains hill with Coal
  • City Size: 20
  • Working 14 flat grass Iron and 6 flat plains Iron
  • 1 Corn on the map
  • Rest of map Iron (Overall 382 Iron, 1 Corn, 1 Coal)
  • Mass Media not researched (not make Apo. Palace obsolete)


  • Globe Theatre: No

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The CTON #2: Midgame Party

April 5, 2010 Leave a comment

This is the second part of the CTON series. I hope you could take something out of the first part, that focused on the CTON start. Taking a quick review on the things that are important at the beginning, we came to the conclusion that a “scan” of the given game variables at the start will help you determine your strategy in pretty much every CTON. The basics, so to speak, include examining your land, chosing the right tech path regarding your starting resources, playing your traits and possibly using your UU/UB.

Today, we will “continue the game” and take a look at the things that become viable for a succsessful CTON mid game: In the first part, I will focus on meeting your enemies, “knowing” what your enemy is doing or might do, setting up the first cities, grabbing land versus GNP versus wonders, exploring the map and setting up a (first) semi sentry net. The second part includes a tech path review, talks about Units vs Technology and the full sentry net.

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Quiz Time #3: Manchester´s big brother

April 2, 2010 29 comments

What is the highest production you can achieve for more than one turn on a theoretical setup with the following rules?

  • Map is duel sized (24×16 tiles), e.g. Inland_Sea
  • Resources on flood plains are not allowed.
  • You can make any tile on the map be whatever you like just it have to be tiles occurring on usual civ maps.
  • You can use the entire map = make it be in your cultural borders (just as if you planted it all)
  • There is no turn limit: You can have your city build anything you like and you can research any technology you want.
  • Only those production modifiers count that apply to every project, so traits for example don´t count.
  • Overflow doesn´t count.
  • No Slaving.
  • Hanging Gardens are banned.
  • Settling Great People in the city is banned.
  • *UPDATE*: Future Techs are banned. (For future reference in relation to the solution post.)

Think up a theoretical setup (=the land to plant and work) and name what is necessary to achieve maximum production in your city.

Post your solutions as comments.

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Echoes from the Civ World #8: New Civ5 Revelations

April 1, 2010 Leave a comment

1. Gamervision Civilization 5 preview from Pax East 2010 Exposition was at Pax East 2010 and brought back a preview of what they got presented by Firaxis.

2. Video Interview with Dennis Skirk

Interview with Dennis Skirk revealing some new information on mechanics of Civ 5. Talking among other about how Civ5 is gonna make use of the rock-paper-scissor concept known from previous civ releases.

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