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How To: Space Race

This article is about how to most effectively build a spaceship under peaceful conditions, which will often decide the game in ffa-diplo style games. This can be applied 1:1 to singleplayer, presuming that techtrade is disabled or the AI too far behind to trade. Only possible exception is the Internet, as it´s usually banned in Multiplayer.

The two factors deciding how fast you are, are how long you need to research all the necessary techs and how long you need to build the final parts. You build all parts except the second Engine.

First Priority: Corporations

The first thing you do, is grab Corporations. If you don’t get any its very unlikely that you have a chance at victory anyway, except with a huge land advantage. So try to get Mining Inc. and Sid´s Sushi&co. or Cereals (depending on which brings more food/is available. In case of equality take Cereals, because it’s on the way to Superconductors). If someone takes Mining Inc. before you, get Creative Construction. Usually going for Mining Inc. first is the way to go, because the food corporations are usually nearly equal, while the difference between Mining Inc. and Creative Constructions is significant.

Spread your corporations as fast as possible to gain the economic advantage.

To do this, you need a Great Engineer and a Great Merchant, for which you should plan ahead very early. Especially the Great Engineer is very difficult to get, so start working engineers early and save it, even if its going to be idle for a hundred turns.


Usually your Civics will be:

  • Universal Suffrage (possibly Representation with a specialist economy)
  • Free Speech
  • Emancipation
  • Free Market
  • Organized Religion (Free Religion if you don’t have any)

Tech Path

I will always name the techs you are heading for, obviously you have to research the pretechs too, but you can do that in the order suggested by Civ. You should already have Democracy, Liberalism, Printing Press, Astronomy, Banking.

1. Steam Power (pretech for Railroads, enables you to build Levees

2. Corporation (before Railroads because it’s a cheap tech for effective overflow usage in case you have to race someone for Mining Inc.)

3.  Railroads (+Combustion if you want Creative Constructions instead of Mining Inc.)

4a. Medicine (if you want Sushi)

4b. Refrigeration (if you want Cereals)

Optionally throw in Radio here, if you have happiness problems and want the wonders.

5. Superconductors (start building Laboratories to speed up tech further)

6. Assembly Line (build Factories and Coal Plants. Unhealth is compensated by Food Corp and health buildings you already researched)

7. Rocketry (build Apollo)

8. Composites (build Casings in 5 cities – don’t block top production city with Casings)

9. Fusion (have your best production city free at that point – start building Engine there.)

10. Genetics (Stasis Chamber)

11. Ecology (Life Support)

The point of this order is to first research everything that speeds things up, then the Space Ship parts in reversed order of costs, so you can start building the expensive parts as early as possible.

Golden Ages

If you still have golden ages available, use them after finishing the Apollo Program to speed up building all the Casings and Thrusters, though you might want to spend some before, to win a close race for the Corporations. In case you have 2 or 3 golden ages available and possibly build Mausoleum of Mausolossos calculate in a way, that your golden ages don’t run longer than researching the last necessary tech and begin using them earlier if necessary.

Production City(s)

For building the final two expensive parts (Engine and Stasis Chamber) as quickly as possible you need to set up a city with Ironworks early. Choose your city with the best base production and build Ironworks in that city as soon as its available. Also eventually build some workshops and farms replacing cottages in that city, though you can delay that, till you reach Fusion.

Another city should be workshopped at that point too to build the other part. Choose this city earlier by its surroundings and pre-build workshops and farms there, so you can finish them all in one turn.

Then you have to calculate which city has to build which part to be most effective, because the Engine is researched earlier but is more expensive. This depends on your tech speed and how much the production of your two cities varies.

The Life Support you research last, usually isn´t the limiting factor, because it’s so cheap. Just make sure you have a third city with good production.


Yes this is really as simple as it sounds! Found and spread corporations, build the remaining economy buildings, necessary health buildings, factories and coal plants everywhere, then work wealth/research if there is nothing more to do, blow in Golden Ages if you can, tech down the tech path, set up the top production cities for the end and build your Spaceship.

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