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Quiz Time #2: Solution

This is the solution to the question from “Quiz Time #2“.

Thanks to everyone, who participated 🙂

A special Kudoz to Miro for beating the designer of the Quiz to its solution by seeing that Hanging Gardens temporarily provides another pop point!

The city at its final size. Civ cannot display a size bigger then 1000 😀

The maximum population of 1002 is achieved the following way:

  • Globe + National Park: No ; No
  • Khmer for its Unique Building, the Baray = +1 food
  • Corporation Cereal Mills : (384 Corn) x (3 food each) = +1152 food (requires 1 Great Merchant)
  • Supermarket = +1 food
  • City planted on Corn = +3 food
  • Fatcross: 20 irrigated Corn with farms and Biology = +140 food
  • settle 704 Great Merchants = +704 food
  • Build Hanging Gardens the turn the city grows to population 1001

Overall: + 2001 food + Hanging Gardens = population 1002

704 settled merchants; 1152 food for 384 Corn from Cereal Mills; 143 food from city;

Main export good of the empire is popcorn 😛

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  1. Robert
    March 26, 2010 at 11:36

    Hi Jobe,

    You got a great blog here! Congrats!
    Nice find about the 1002 city!!! Now to get one in a real game 😀
    Anyway, can you please contact me by e-mail? I got an important question to ask you.

    Thanks in advance,


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