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MP Strategies #1: Medi 3v3 – “The Hammer”

This strategy is for a medieval start 3v3. It´s been played in games on the passive flat Inland_Sea map where only two fronts between teams exist. It can be applied to more open maps like Lakes just as well though. It was initially invented by clan [RUS] which been applying it successfully in clan games and tourneys for quite some time now.


players: 3v3
era: medieval
turn limit: 90
city elimination: 2

map: Inland_Sea
wrap: flat
sea level: medium
resources: balanced

game speed: quick

The Concept

This strategy is an aggressive straight-forward attack in a medieval game. It´s not very subtle and doesn´t require an elaborate buildup.

The plan is to move with all three players frontal onto an opponent at one front with a slow stack and hit whatever is there, trying to use superior units and those in bigger numbers compared to your opponent.

Additionally by staying at twice three and one player four cities and starting unit production early, pressure is build up on the opponent who has to stop expanding past a certain point and start building (inferior) units in order to defend against the coming attack.


The superiority of the units is achieved by chosing Japan and China and combining them and the third civ India with appropriate traits for access to promotions like shock by just buildings Barracks. The plan is to attack right before or when the opponents hits Guilds for Knights. The stack consists out of Chinese Protective Cho-Ko-Nu, Aggressive Japanese Samurai and Aggressive Indian Maceman paired with Catapults and Trebuchets. Since the opponents don´t have Knights, they have to defend with normal Maceman which likely aren´t (all) done be an Aggressive leader, potentially Elephants and catapults.


China needs Protective and Japan and India require Aggressive to boost the units that will do the attacking significantly. The strategy requires the very fast “breeding” of two GPs: A Merchant for a quick Civil Service bulb for Bureaucracy and it as a prerequisite tech to Maceman and at least one Artist for a Culture Bomb, most likely at the front that is supposed to be attacked. That requires two Philosophical leaders to share the work load and fulfil the task quickly, not crippling one player significantly and especially putting him in danger of being at one front and having to get GPs while been harassed by early units. That leaves one trait – which is easily found in Imperialistic.

That gives two options:

  • Alexander of Japan
  • Sitting Bull of China
  • Genghis Khan of India


  • Sitting Bull of China
  • Genghis Khan of Japan
  • Alexander of India.

Since Samurai are better than normal Maceman, it´s probably a good idea to not have Japan doing any GPs and instead boost it to four cities with Imperialistic, while India can handle the downslowing resulting from making a GP with the buildup advantage of Fast Workers.

Another option would be to pick a non-Aggressive India betting on at least one Elephant for the team, being able to build 2-promotion Elephants with Barracks and Stables, not using Aggressive.

The argument here though is that besides Imperialistic there isn´t any useful other trait and when doing a GP you probably don´t want to go to four cities even with Imperialistic anyway, while for the one settler you build the trait isn´t that important anyway. It shines most in the late game when the attack is over but the game continues and you want to do more settlers while there aren´t any forest chops left to boost production.

In the end no one is stopping you from doing 2-promo Elephants even if you picked Alexander. Also there is the significant risk of not having any ele and then not even being Aggressive, resulting in significantly worse units.

Still third option:

  • Suleiman of India (hoping for ele)
  • Genghis Khan of Japan
  • Sitting Bull of China


Genghis Khan tries to get ~6 workers and 2 more settlers for a total of four cities. The Philosophical players go for ~5 workers and three cities, one starting in Caste System and getting a Great Merchant as fast as possible, the other getting a Great Artist with the help of a theatre working two Artist Specialists. One front is bombed, potentially with a new settler, likely just a city planted forward towards an opponent and then bombed once the Artist is born.


First Civil Service with the help of a Great Merchant, then Machinery for Maceman followed by Engineering for better movement before and during the attack. Music is an option – probably better though to get Engineering first and after that go for guilds right away if the game continues past the attack.

Remember that you need to research Civil Service by hand until you require somewhere around 690 beakers to complete it. The Great Merchant cannot get it alone.

Remember to use your capital (Bureaucracy) to accumulate research. Build and work cottages and when initially planting it look for luxury resources.


There is no real counterstrategy. It´s not likely being harassed, slowed down and thus the strategy disrupted to easily since GP making is shared, few cities are planted, and unit making starts quickly. This strategy makes sure that a strong and big stack will eventually attack, forcing the opponent to not so much play his own strategy, but instead start producing (less potent) units early on.

An opponent has to look for small advantages while surviving the attack. Those can be an additional city from the phase before the attack or surviving the attack without losing any cities but then having three Imperialistic players for a quicker expansion. One way of disrupting the strategy can be early harassment, while units are still equal. Sending a couple of HA towards the Philosophical players very early can slow down their GP making and buildup while they still are building up and not yet spamming units. Such a harassment requires certain starting conditions (like plantable horse) and lots of skill though 😉

The strategies biggest disadvantages are the bad preparation for the Guilds phase and the general predictability of the attack, however big and strong the stack may be.

How the game (should) look like

  1. Each player gets 5-6 workers, goes to his three, respectively four cities.
  2. The two GPs are bred (Merchant before expanding to third city!), one front is culture bombed, Civil Service is bulbed for Bureaucracy.
  3. Barracks are build and Cho-Ko-Nu, Samurai, 2-promo Elephants / Aggressive Samurai and Catapults/few Trebuchets are being spammed.
  4. Players road each other and the team watches the techs the opponents have researched. The latest point at which the attack should begin is the time when the opponents get guilds. Once you have Engineering and gathered the army at one front, you should move in.

Click "F4" and "Techs" to see what your opponents have researched.

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A Top7 List of Unique Units with the Indian Fast Worker on the throne. The Fast Worker is the reason why in this strategy based on China´s Cho-Ko-Nu and Japan´s Samurai India is the third pick.

  1. Lar`E the Magnificent
    March 15, 2010 at 13:22

    Are you going to post another challenge soon?

    • March 15, 2010 at 14:03

      We put ourselves in eternal disgrace already with not having the solutions to the last two challenges up, yet – I won´t bore you with the reasons. I have it written down in front of me on my to-do list and hopefully will be able to wrap that up soon.

      I have the next challenge designed already, but won´t publish it before finishing the last two ones :/

      You comment is additional motivation to get that done finally 😉

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