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Echoes from the Civ World #5

1. Civ5 Preview at IGN

IGN visited Firaxis and gathered what they saw in an extensive Preview article. Lots of info on the work done regarding AI, no info regarding multiplayer. But there is some interesting part explaining combat mechanics and the “1-unit-per-tile” concept and its effects. Doesn´t sound anything like civ I-IV – let´s see…

2. Gallery of the 19 so far published civ5 screenshots

The article at IGN includes new screenshots. Here a gallery of all the known screens so far.

3. Civ5Wiki at WePlayCiv

Solver established a Civ5 Wiki at WePlayCiv – it gathers all the so far known info about civ5 mechanics and graphics, including some extrapolations based on screenshots and official statements.

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