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Echoes from the Civ World #3

February 24, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The hottest topic at the moment regarding Civ 5 is the – not yet confirmed and even less specified – “1 unit per tile” (1upt). The rumour is based on interpretations of the released screenshots and various forum posts.

1. Civfanatics user translates interview w Jon Shafer in Danish magazine

Sian claims to have read in the Danish “Gameplay Magazine” something he translates into:

[…] the allready [sic] (im)famous [sic] “one-per-tile” is only one military unit, civil units aren’t a part of it

The following thread circles around speculation on whether this is reliable information and on ways how a limitation on the amount of units you can have on a single tile could work and how it would change the way the game is played.

2. Quote of alleged official statement regarding “1upt” in 2K.forum

The thread is based on an alleged quote, though there is neither a source nor an author named:

One of the first changes we made was to remove the possibility to ‘stack’ units. Now that you can only place one Military unit at each tile, there would be created large fronts between the players that battle each other

3. Discussion thread regarding “1upt”  at civforum.de (in German)

A thread in the German civ forum, mostly with sceptical posts regarding the concept of 1 unit per tile. Involves arguments regarding the in-game balance, but also the reference to reality. Latter involving some math based on in-game demographics of Civ4 killing the argument that it´s not “realistic” to have many dozens of units on one tile hence the possible change being good.

4. Article on IGN

The pretty vague announcements in this article contain among other the following claim:

[Civilization 5] will feature an entirely new combat system.

Whether this is connected to a potential “1upt” is unknown.

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