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Echoes from the Civ World #2

February 20, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Civ5 is announced and the interwebs is going nuts.. Here some of the stuff that´s going on already even though it´s all about 8 screenshots, very few and partially undefined facts and some rumours:

1. Civ5 “Facts and Rumours” Forum Thread at Apolyton.net

A summary of facts, conclusions from screenshots and announcements and a couple of rumours.

2. Screenshot Analysis Forum Thread at Civfanatics.com

Analysis of the so far existing screenshots. Theories about land tile types, improvements, mechanics of culture, resources, units and more.

3. Civ5 in GamePro Magazine

April issue of “GamePro Magazine” featuring new information on Civ5 and interviews with Sid Meier and Jon Shafer.

4. Civ5 Screenshot Gallery

A gallery of all the eight so far known screenshots from the current state of the game.

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