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PPP vs. RUS: CCC Playoff Match

Wednesday, January 20th 2010 clans [PPP] and [RUS ] played a tie-break game to decide the winner of CCC 72. The throne had been open due to a controversial outcome of the OCC Event of the tournament. The game was played on Team Battleground, large size, low sea level, 5v5, ancient start, 110 turns, 2 city elimination, start separated.

The Setup

We snake picked civilizations and leaders. For those of you who are not familiar with the map, let me say that usually you get 2v2 on one side of the map (top or bottom) and 3v3 on the other. Here, we were 2v2 on the north side of the map and 3v3 in the south (see picture from early stages of the game). About snake pick, first team picks one civilization, second team picks another civilization and so on. The leaders are picked in the reverse order of the picking of the civilizations. Also, another rule is that both teams must pick at least one civ with hunting starting tech so that both teams start with a scout and not with a warrior.

So, after picking civs and leaders and launching the game, the setup was the following (I hope you will recognize each civilization after it’s in-game colour):

PPP north

Decebal Kublai of Rome
Shizanu Boudica of Natives

RUS north

Ot4e Bismark of India
Kachok Shaka of Persia

PPP south

Jobe Stalin of Zulu
Milo Sury of Mali
BigB Genghis of Inca

RUS south

Bemep Joao of Maya
Arni     Mao of Egypt
Bender Washington of Aztec

The Beginning

As you can see Aztec and Zulu started very close one to another. Zulu started worker first trying to get a good build-up for the Oracle race. Aztec, even if non aggressive, went 2 turns warrior so Zulu found himself  a bit choked in the begining until the skirms from Mali arrived. Until they came something crazy happened. Aztec’s second warrior fastmoved a forest tile near Zulu cap while Zulu ctrl-a-ed a warrior from his cap on that tile. Amazingly, non agg war won 4.4% against agg war in forest. In all that mayhem, instead of finishing the wounded warrior with another warrior which was near, Zulu moved his warrior towards his cap and it would all be decided the next turn on a fastmove. We’ve finally realized why Jobe has called his site “fastmoves.de” as he won the fastmove.

As game goes on, Natives sends an early dog down to aztec which slowed him down a bit. I(Rome) also had a chariot there trying to catch a settler but I’ve just wasted it for 10-15 turns cause the dog did a very good job 😀

Since I had horse cap I sent 1 archer and 1 chariot to Persia and with the help of a skirm from Mali I managed to do some mayhem there:  capture and delete a worker with the archer, pillage his cow, corn and mine hill from his cap with the chariot. He also lost an immo trying to kill my char which I managed to save by fastmoving all the way back to my land.

India had marble plant, was indu and had fast workers. Except India which didn’t hook horse for quite some time (getting workers and settlers out for faster expansion rather than early rushing), the only one with horse in their team was Maya which was a bit under pressure by a quecha, a skirm and a char so we decided to skip Iron Working and rush Oracle or otherwise we would have lost it for sure to RUS. Since Rome, Inca and Mali had horse cap we took HorsebackRiding with Oracle.

Before the attacking started here is another overview of the land and cities from later in the game. I will show you both sides, north and south:

Here is PPP:

(had to take a broader view of their land to be able to catch everything in one picture … you see Zulu with 3 cities, Inca with 4 and mali with 3 replanting the 3 corns of his former capital; you can also see the ruins of Aztec’s 3 cities)

(here you can also see PPP’s northern army gathering up to hit Maya in the south)

Here is the RUS guys:

(RUS south: Maya 5 cities, 2 newly planted, Egypt 4 cities and the 3 ruins of Aztec cities marked on the map)

(RUS in the north: we suspect India pumped settlers/workers into Expansive/Aggresive Persia to help him expand faster, getting more Aggresive units out)

First Attack by RUS

PPP getting Oracle forced RUS to change their strategy a little. Maya was roading Egypt and gifted him settler and horse, India had roaded Persia and gifted him horse (and I think settler too) and worked his land with fast workers. They made immo stack in north and wc stack in south and went on Mali earlier than they usually do.

We survived the immo attack and killed most of the stack, but next turn wcs moved in out of the darkness on Mali while faking an attack on Zulu (which pulled some units back).

Mali lost his cap to the last Egyptian unit while trying to promote a general impi and having a warrior near the city able to move in. Tough luck, we could have saved the city, but at least the pressure was off for now.

Counterattack on Aztec

We’ve decided to strike back and the best candidate was Aztec which we could double from both north and south. I started roading my land towards south and sending praets and so did Natives which was coming with HAs.

We were getting there in 4-5 turns when our sentry archer notices that aztec had finally planted for his 2 corns + horse in the back of his cap (great job with the dog  so far) so Natives went in for a direct hit on the city (with workers!, remember, we were roading there already) while I was coming a bit later with the praets.

Direct hit kills city. Same turn 4-5 spears between that city and the cap that kill some HAs, but Natives gets to kills some spears the next turn, anyway they exchange some units there. In 2 turns I move in with praets and a few HAs from Natives catching up with me on the road. Aztec had axes and spears in his cap, and a few more axes and spears on the road between his 2 remaining cities. But, in the same time Zulu moves in with impis so Aztec has to move some of his units in the middle to his south city. Wcs from Egypt also show up. We decide to cut roads and hit his cap when an impressive wc stack moves 2 tiles away from his cap on the roads. Unfortunatelly for RUS the stack moved 5 secs before end so we just fastmoved his cap. I had 8-10 agg praets plus 5-6 has from Natives and it died instantly.

Zulu hits the wc stack with his impis, Egypt hit him back with the remaining wcs but most impis survive and the WC stack is lost as well. Getting a 3 seconds delay at the beginning of a turn can be a killer sometimes.

So, RUS is one player down and an impressive wc stack is killed. If I am not mistaking there were close to 20 wcs there.


Mali plants 2 more cities now using the 3 corns of his dead cap (he had settled on one unirrigated corn in the begining) and the guys expand a bit more in south, while I plant my 4th city in the south of my land. Egypt planted his 4th city so jobe moves his impis to try a direct hit, but we abandon fast that plan cause it would only kill one city and Egypt was already getting axes in there upon seing that we’ve discovered his new city.

First power was rising fast and it was not Rome.  Clearly the RUS guys in north were getting a big stack with India pumping up Persia which had Agg/Exp traits for fast buildings. But for now we still felt pretty safe in north having a nice culture and sentry net and the allmighty aggresive praets. Plus, Mali was still a more appealing target to them as it was easier to road and already 1 city down.

So we’ve decided to attack rather than defend a 5v4 and again Rome and Natives start moving on south. This time the nice target was Maya. We were already moving on his city above Egypt when our sentry spots another newly planted city. He instantly sends Holkan and Sword to clear up our sentry, but we were roading with 4 workers and Natives managed to kill those 2 units with a couple HAs before they could spot us. We just went in, city had no culture, no walls, I hit with only 2 catas then with the praetorian stack leaving 1 wounded unit for Natives to finish off and snatch the city kill.

After that, we just moved our stacks back into Roman land.

Meanwhile, on the same turn, Zulu and Inca doubled Maya’s front. Zulu took over the southern city hitting over the hill with the extremely agile double moving impi stack. Maya was dead and Inca didn’t even get into any battles.

You can also notice Mali there, trying to help if needed. But we’ve just spoted north RUS attacking so Mali pulled back to defend. Inca kept moving forward on Egypt even if north RUS had an impressive sword/ele/cata stack.

First city of Egypt died to the remaining impi stack and one ha from Mali winning a 11%  and the 2nd to Inca’s untouched stack which afterwards hurried back home for the defense.

But RUS failed to kill.

It wouldn’t have mattered anyway as a nice praets/cata/ele/ha stack from Rome and Natives was just moving out of Rome’s culture on the road to hit Persia.  Also, Inca’s army was due to arrive in time to defend their home land against the possible remaining Indian and Persian Army (if Mali would have fallen).

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  1. imhotep
    February 3, 2010 at 14:01

    Nice writeup dece! 🙂 Wish I could have played in that one…

  2. jaegga
    February 3, 2010 at 19:08

    Good job, dece! Interesting to read and see and really impressive. Good job guys…

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