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Single Player Funkiness

This one is not a text about strategy or competetive civing, but about single player setups that are solely designed for a fun and somewhat different game then usual. When looking at certain civs, their UUs and UBs or certain maps, there are some combinations that might not necessarily be “the  best” overall, but provide a different then usual gaming experience in a specific setup. Here are some of those, all tested and approved 😉

Portuguese Waterworld

map: Archipelago
sea level: High
starting era: Ancient
leader/civ: Huayna Capac of Portugal (unrestricted leader)
rest: optional

Game Plan: Build up “normally”, try to get Great Lighthouse, but especially Colossus. Get your empire going, go for Education for University of Oxford and either bulb Economics with Liberalism or a Great Merchant in order to build your UB, the Feitoria. Take a couple of Golden Ages once you got Feitorias. Avoid Astronomy for as long as you can ;). The cheat variant involves giving yourself Economics from the start with the help of the World Builder :D. Of course you can take any other FIN leader, just get Colossus – it´s more fun having Great Lighthouse as well though.

If all works out, you won´t be making more GNP then you´d be making on a land based maps with 10-12 cities, but you will be making much more than you´d making usually on an Archipelago setup and the output display on sea tiles will look different then ever before :D. Maximum focus on sea tiles instead of setting up a cottage economy over the course of the entire game is the difference to a usual game here. You don´thave to grow your commerce tiles (cottages), just get a Feitoria in there.

In this setup a city with Moai statues can look like this during Golden Ages (click to enlarge):
That´s two base :4wirt:, +1:4wirt: each from FIN, Colossus,  Feitoria and Golden Age, next to one base :4prod: from Moai and an additional +1:4prod: from Golden Age. Would be fun to have the Dutch Dike in there as well 😉


map: Pangae
sea level: low
starting era: Ancient
leader/civ: Churchill of Natives (unrestricted leader)
difficulty: Play it high, one higher (or Deity) then you´d usually do 😉
options: Always War, Raging Barbarians, rest optional

Game Plan: Get a couple of cities, 3-4 at first, a little later 2-3 more, depending on the difficulty you´re playing. Don´t be shy to plant in your opponent´s face once your unit production is running. Get Barracks, Monuments and research Archery, then go for Feudalism for Longbows and Vassalage. Spam Archers, later Longbows, Muscets etc. and let them come… Remember, AI isn´t very clever in its choices when to hit and when not to hit a city…

Here a screenshot of a Succession Game from the German Community (if you don´t know German, you can still watch the screens 😉 on Deity difficulty. They played Sitting Bull of Natives (click to enlarge).

Get an economy going, not only for research, but also to be able to upgrade your brave, hardened in combat troops.

Fly me to the moon

map: Equal_Islands (download here)
map size: small
sea level: medium
climate: tropical
resources: extra
starting era: Ancient
difficulty: high! (go higher than you´d usually do, preferably Deity ;))
options: always peace, win condition: only space race, no barbarians, no tech trading/brokering, no espionage, no vassal states
leader/civ: Elizabeth or Phi/Ind of Netherlands (unrestricted leader)

This is about trying to outmicro the AI in a Space Race without waging any war. It´s all about building up research, the beginning quite comparable to the goals of fastmoves challenge #1. Your main source for beakers will be the capital, though get enough cities to build University of Oxford. Netherlands has the perfect starting technologies for this setup and later on the dikes will help you significantly when building the Space Ship parts. Save arond two Golden Ages for that point in the game to even further increase your production. A key aspect is getting the great Library into your capital as fast as possible.

You can either play Elizabeth or use the special Gandhi from a mod constructed by Ruff_Hi, which has Philosophical and Industrious as traits. Download that mod here.

Beyond that..

Massive expanding with Joao of India (fast worker!) or of Inca (basically half a Creative trait through the Terrace!)  can be fun as well.. Beyond that I´m sure there are many interesting setups which play out different to what could be regarded as the “average” single player civ game, where you most likely combine massive cottaging with some focus on Great People and wage some wars in between, all mainly depending on the map and the difficulty you´re playing.

I´m thankful for any ideas you guys might have for other unorthodox setups…

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