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Tricks #1: The Culture Bug

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The “culture bug” allows using production and in some cases surplus food of a city twice in one turn. In order to do so you need to work culture as a production item (requires Music) in a city and queue (Shift + click on item) another item behind it. If the city´s culture expands the turn you do so, the hammers the city produces are used twice, once for the culture, once for the item behind it. If you queue a worker or settler, the food is used twice as well, going once into the city´s granary and once into the worker/settler.

The gain of this is that you get especially the first culture expansion in all cities one turn after planting without having to sacrifice a turn of production. One turn is a lot in terms of micromanagement on many settings, especially teamers from Renaissance to Future. It works with all expansions though, be that the first at 5 culture points (quick speed!), 50 for the second or 250 for the third.

Be careful though, the city manager will change the tiles the city uses towards those that produce the most food if you put culture in front of a worker in the production queue since cities accumulate food to grow when working anything then a worker or settler. That means that if you put a worker into the produciton queue and then culture in front of it, it might be that the overall production of the city falls below the needed hammers to get the culture expansion and the culture bug isn´t triggered instead the city accumulates food and works culture, but doesn´t get the next expansion. Change back manually to the correct tiles!

I did a video showing the culture bug, sadly the recording software used – while potentially being just fantastic – is still causing trouble. I tried it many, many times and it either stopped recording for no reason or caused other trouble. The mail to the support is out so that hopefully in the future we can provide better quality. The video I can present misses the “switch back” of tiles towards food instead of production and only shows the queuing of a worker (food also used twice!), not of something else (only hammers used twice!). Additionaly it “flickers” and can only be set to full screen when going to the actual site where it´s hosted, because wordpress doesn´t support Java.

I really hate writing this passage instead of just presenting you with a good video, but I hope that even this lousy one has some value and promise to fix the problems in the future in order to be able to embed videos in proper quality, with all content and an acceptable full-screen option!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

To watch the video in full screen click here, start it and click “full” in the middle of the player

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  1. B B
    December 18, 2009 at 23:41

    I’m not sure what software you used, but FRAPS is commonly considered the best video game capturing software.

    • December 19, 2009 at 00:24

      Thanks for the suggestion. I got Fraps, just this one I used – livestream.com – isn´t a capture software only, it only streams the video live onto a site for everyone to watch wihle the game is going. While doing so it saves the video online making it available for everyone to browse. I really want to make this one work, it makes recording and sharing a video very easy and I can also use it during clan games in a tournament like CCC.

  2. Penny
    December 19, 2009 at 19:53

    Jobe, I made this work for me…(it took time). Catch me anytime, but here is the magice recipe :

    1/ Do not capture your screen but your game, otherwise it “flashes” all the time like it does in your vid.

    2/ You have to go as low as Half your connection ability in upload…meaning I have a 500kbits upload connection, I select this : 250kb up for video, 25 for sound, I still select 1024.768 25 FPS, and the render is still (the same = amazing) so really you should just follow that path…

    Hope this helps !

    • December 19, 2009 at 20:05

      I tried both game and screen and know that one doesn´t flash – though others use it without trouble, so I hoped makin git working as well due to the cool highlighted mouse thingy. The vid is for other reasons in screen capture (program started cashing etc… ). It seems to be a civ related prob btw.

      Thanks a lot for the tip with the max upload fps. I´ll try that. Actually, we´ll all try that… last CCC we wanted to stream a big loads and got stuck on those problems.

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