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Echos from the Civ World #1

1. Blue Marble Design for Civ4

“This program allows the installation of new graphics for Sid Meier’s Civilization IV™, based on satellite images of the NASA Blue Marble project.”

Blue Marble replaces  the original civ design with more “saturated” colours without affecting the game´s core files – it´s not a mod and not seen as one by gamespy during multiplayer play. It´s solely cosmetic – I enjoy the the look very much, but it´s a matter of taste.

2. Ever wondered what it´s like to play a Philosphical / Industrial India?

Realms Beyond: Civ has a kind of Game of the month where you have to play a leader with Philosophical AND Industrial trait, the “forbidden fruit” of traits as they call it. Whether you play the scenario they provided or just start a game on different settings with this leader is your choice.

Try a map with rich ressources like Equal_Inland_Sea (set ressources to “extra”), and get all kinds of wonders in it early on. Stonehenge, Artemis Temple, Oracle. Get a Library in it to work 2 scientists and get a GreatScientist for an academy. Do that and build Great Library, go then fast for Civil Service for Bureacracy, cottage a lot and see what happens 😛

3. Very creative game of the month

The German civ community has a very interesting game of the month for Novermber. You play 3 civs in one team at once (hot seat!), each battling a 1v1 on its own continent. There is another team of 2 players on its own continent. Your goal is to win all three 1v1 and then win by a method of your choice – just a hint, the 2-team has 23.99% of the landmass with its own continent, so you better be done with those killings before astronomy. Culture victory might be possible, too.

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  1. November 30, 2009 at 00:13

    With regards to your ‘Philosphical / Industrial India’ comment – you can also play as the two other not valid trait combinations using the same mod. I certainly think that the Spanish one (Organized, Protective) has its synergies.

    • November 30, 2009 at 01:53

      What specific strategy related synergies you got in mind ?

      I was so fond of the Phi/Ind, ´cause it´s a in-your-face synergy.

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