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concepts #2 – city commerce specialization

City Specialization
Currently civilization gameplay allows you to specialize cities either for commerce (that can be out into research, money, culture, epionage) or production. A city with a couple of hills and production ressources will benefit from a forge relatively more, while a library has very low priority if it will be build at all. It´s the other way round with a city next to (rivered) grassland and maybe a luxury ressource like gold. Once a city has been designated mainly for commerce though, it´s not possible to specialize it 100% for anything then science (in a cottage economy at least!). What I´m referring to is the commerce slider that regulates the distribution of commerce for an entire empire. Hence if it´s set to 70% technology and 30% wealth, that is the way commerce is distributed in every city.


commerce distribution Practical example
A city has a base commerce rate of 30 and a library. Let´s see what happens to the overall commerce output on different research/wealth distributions. Only the research rate is named, the difference between it and 100% is consequently the wealth rate (just like in the game). Remember that a library gives 25% bonus on tech, meaning that on every 4th beaker the city receives an additional beaker. The calculation is always rounded down, so 7 base beakers result in a bonus of 1, just like 4 do.

0%: 0 tech, 30 gold = 30 overall commerce
10%: 3+0 tech, 27 gold = 30 overall commerce
20%: 6+1 tech, 24 gold = 31 overall commerce
30%: 9+2 tech, 21 gold = 32 overall commerce
40%: 12+3 tech, 18 gold = 33 overall commerce
50%: 15+3 tech, 15 gold = 33 overall commerce
60%: 18+4 tech, 12 gold = 34 overall commerce
70%: 21+5 tech, 9 gold = 35 overall commerce
80%: 24+6 tech, 6 gold = 36 overall commerce
90%: 27+6 tech, 3 gold = 36 overall commerce
100%: 30+7 tech, 0 gold = 37 overall commerce

Of course if a market is build in that city, the overall commerce output will be pretty much equal on all distributions of wealth/research. But a market is another building you have to build. Assuming that your research rate is where it should be, at somewhere around 80%, the gain of building a market into a commerce city is (happiness bonus set aside) pretty small to non-existent.

A concept for specialization
It´s the nature of civilization that most commerce is put into research over an entire game or at least over the vast majority of it. Wouldn´t it be nice if it was possible to regulate commerce distribution for a city independant from the rate set for the entire empire ? And I don´t mean “just like that”, but for example with a building, a wonder or a civic. This way cities could be specialized for wealth, culture (if that made sense) or even espionage (it´s another topic though that I really don´t like the concept of espionage for multiplayer!). A “wealth-city” could build a market, a grocer, a bank, Wall Street… and no science buildings! At the moment those buildings are almost solely build for their health/happiness bonus – exception being a bank in a capital city for example.

Ideas for implementation

building: Local Parliament
required technology: currency
cost: 100 hammers
effect: Cities can distribute commerce independant from rest of the empire.
Can be build only once for every 4-5 cities.
Double production speed with Organized trait.

Wonder: ???
required technology: ???
cost: ???
effect: All cities can distribute commerce independant from rest of the empire.

Civic: Economic Autonomy
effect: All cities can distribute commerce independant from rest of the empire. (Maybe additional effect required, otherwise too weak?)

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