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concepts #1 – building: assembly line

building: assembly line

assemblylinerequired technology: assembly line
cost: 120 hammers
effect: 1 additional production slot for armored units and gunpowder units.
Double production speed with Organized trait.

With this building, whenever a city builds an armoured unit  (example: tank) or a gunpowder unit (example anti-tank, mech infantery) the used-to-be hammer overflow from the first unit directly goes into a second similar unit without any losses.

  • A city that produces 160 hammers a turn is able to finish two similar units each 80 hammers a turn.
  • A city that produces 120 hammers produces 3 similar units in 2 turns. First putting 80 hammers into one and 40 into the second unit and next turn finishing the 40/80 unit next to having another 80 hammers left for the third.

The purpose of this building would be to revive an aspect of civ multiplayer in modern and future start games, which is lost due to the nature of those eras. In such a late era game there is no need or use for building up tech rate – since there is either nothing worth teching (future) or costs too much in relation to the state of your economy at the start (modern) – there is not much room for micromanagement of land beyond the crucial first 5-10 turns and there is no need for long-term city planning. A city requires 10-12 tiles, better green then brown, and will very fast and without much skill required from its controller reach the point where it builds one unit per turn. In both eras the goal is to plant cities fast, get barracks, spread religion and then bring them asap to the 1-unit-per-turn status.  From there on it´s a game of building up pressure on your opponent and eventually being able to overwhelm him due to the strength of your position (culture borders!). The problem is that there is not much room for creativity – you simply spam a unit a turn and in between sneak a settler or two in.

With the assembly line building there is a reason to do something else then units-only all game long. The base production of an average modern/future city with its free forge and production enhancing civics is around 80-100 hammers, enough to build one tank or mech infantery a turn. In order to be able to consistently spam out 2 units a turn though a city next to the assembly line would require additional production enhancing buildings or a lot more then 10-12 tile to work. Factories, Levees and power buildings become much more appealing, so does long(er)-term city placement and not-to-close planting of initial cities. In addition a new city is potentially worth a bigger advantage over an opponent then right now.

Bottom line is modern and future start games would receive an additional strategical component. A player would have to decide whether and if when to get the required buildings. The short term loss of units would be compensated with a long term gain. Question would always be whether the timing is good. When a team is under constant pressure by an early artist bomb and some chopped units from the start, it won´t find the opportunity to do something else then units for defense so easy. The other way round a more defensive strategy that involves getting out additional settlers might pay of much more since a disadvantage in unit numbers could be caught up with and turned around easier.

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